Items marketed through VIFP – Cucumbers

It’s all in the name… and these cucumbers really are all the Rage… (come on, we had to)

Patricia and Ivar Rage first started their Island venture back in the 60’s, clearing 40 acres along the scenic Stamp River.  The Rages began with potatoes, and increased from there, producing a number of root and field vegetables, until the decision was eventually made in the 80’s to focus solely on greenhouse production.  As the years went on, and more greenhouses were constructed, the ultimate commodity of choice became the Rage cucumber we all know and love today, and ask for by name.

Rage’s Farms has always been a family-run operation, starting with Ivar and Patricia and later joined by any combination of their three sons at one time or another, two of which are currently keeping the legacy of the Rage cucumber going strong today.  Rages Long English and Mini cucumbers continue to fill the grocery-store shelves from Port Hardy to Victoria, Powell River to Tofino each year from March thru October.

Hey… What do you call it when you see a cucumber on the side of the highway?  Road Rage!! Yes folks, we’re here all day.

Phone: (250) 723-2359
7685 McKenzie Rd
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8M6