Items marketed through VIFP – Sweet Corn, Frozen Blueberries, Pumpkins

Faith, Family and Fun form the foundation for fabulous fruit-wine and field-crop affairs!

In 1987, Coastal Black owners Terry and Bonnie Ludwig sold their dairy farm in Pitt Meadows, purchased 250 acres of raw land in Black Creek, and went to work. With lots of sweat and tears (from both crying AND laughing), they built a new dairy farm from the ground up. Fast forward 20 yrs and the cows in the paddock had been replaced by berries in the field. 10 yrs later and corn and pumpkins had been added to the truck. And today the proud owners have built a beautiful estate winery, and supply Vancouver Island grocers with sought-after corn, pumpkins and blueberries… all while getting to spend their days working alongside parents, sons, daughters and grandchildren. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

When asked about their typical workday, the response was “get up, make a plan, change the plan, then change it again”. Let’s see…. dairy cows… blackberries, blueberries… winery, fruit wine, mead and cider… corn, pumpkins and squash. Yup, seems about right. No time for standing still when innovation and passion run through your veins. And next on the agenda? Hazelnuts. Because… well… why not?

Phone: 250 337 8325

2186 Endall Rd
Black Creek, BC V9J 1G8