Items marketed through VIFP – Potatoes, Corn, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beets, Carrots, Onions,    Cabbage 

Three well-known points of interest in the Comox Valley are:  Mr. Washington, Goose Spit, and Sieffert’s Farm Market.  Lazo-Tyee Farms has been a staple in the Comox Valley since 1959 when Norm & Jean Sieffert started growing vegetables and delivering them to local grocers.  Fast forward a “few” years and their son Bob also became a permanent fixture on the farm, currently owning and operating the farm with his wife Char Sieffert and business partner Chris Edwards.  (If you’re wondering where Char and Chris came from… Norm & Jean had such great hiring skills that two of their employees just never left!) Each day the trio discuss the game plan then head out in three different directions to get ‘er done.  With field, root and greenhouse crops, there is never a shortage of places to be.  

The next generation of Siefferts is also actively involved on the farm, with the 4th already getting their wee boots stuck in the mud.  One day the juniors will likely take over, but until then,  Bob, Char and Chris will continue being proud, responsible farmers, and enjoy seeing the fields change throughout the season as the literal fruits of their labour grow.