Items marketed through VIFP – Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers

So the couple that works together DOES stay together?? Who knew?  After years of working the logging camp scene (him in the woodlots, her in the kitchen), Max and Karen Grober went home and built Fiesta Greenhouses from the ground up in 1999 and have worked together every day since… and rumour has it they still even like each other.  Particularly proud of running a pesticide-free operation, they still enjoy every aspect of the growing process starting with the seeding and ending with the selling.  Over the years, they’ve expanded their greenhouse production to include 1 1/2 acres of hothouse space and currently provide fresh peppers to retail markets from the Comox Valley to Campbell River. 

During the busy growing season, if you can’t find them pruning and picking in the greenhouse, chances are you’ll find Max somewhere driving around on a tractor and Karen chatting with friends and customers at a farmer’s market or at their roadside stand.  And as for the off-season, they may just be somewhere warm and humid for a well-deserved vacation… you know… for “health reasons”.  After all, it’s important to stay climatized for the next growing season. 

Phone: (250) 923-2671

3152 York Rd
Campbell River, BC V9H 1A8