Items marketed through VIFP – Cucumbers

Hilltop Greenhouses has been a family-run greenhouse operation for over 50 years.  The nursery wholesale business was started by Pauline and Gerry Murray, and today is owned and operated by their son Richard… though sitings of Pauline and Gerry on the farm are definitely still a regular occurrence.  Richard of today is not unlike Richard of yesteryear in that he can usually be found either on-site in the greenhouses, or off-road in the mud (to this day he will neither confirm nor deny the allegation of running his brother over with his dirt bike).

One day Richard sat down to ponder the following:  We have potted mums / poinsettias in the fall and winter, and bedding plants / vegetable starts in the spring… what oh what to do with those few summer months in between… Do we rest?  No!  Do we grow produce for Victoria’s grocery retailers? Yes!!  The South Island cucumber program was born, and Hilltop’s Long English and Mini Cucumbers have been on Island shelves ever since.

Richard is constantly looking for ways to expand greenhouse programs and supply even more items to Island customers.  And really… once the idea is PLANTED, who knows just how far it will GROW! (hyuk hyuk)

Phone: 250.479.3695

1840 Burnside Road West
Victoria, BC